Real leather

is made to last. All (leather) items are made from high-quality Italian leather. And thats why none of our pieces gets old and rusty, it only gets charming and vintage.

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Every and each one of our items is unique.

Your bag was created in Slovenia (Europe) - we never do 2 same bags! Colors and materials coming together and expressing a story of it’s owner is our passion. And because your story and your life is one of a kind, so should be your expression <3

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Washable paper

Yes! You can actually wash these bags on 30 deg C many, many times! The material is strong, so no worries, your bag won’t tear.

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how it all got started

I never meant to create a brand. I simply bought myself a sewing machine to make my own leather handbags. I wanted leather, I wanted colors and I wanted simplicity - things I couldn’t find on the market. When I started wearing these bags they started selling themselves! The first thing people noticed about me was my new bag. So I started making them for my friends as well. They loved them and they told their friends about them so I decided to put my full attention into creating my brand of bags which I call MAKOSHA.

Perfect gift

Makeup bags. Personal, original and unique. Plus lower price range, so you can get some even for your friends!

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