I originally started sewing my own leather bags just because I couldn’t find anything that was functional and beautiful on the market. I wanted casual leather bag simple and functional. And just maybe not black. But I could not get that anywhere. Leather was my material of choice, because it doesn’t grow old; it grows stylish instead. Plus it lasts. I finally gave up and bought my first second-hand industrial sewing machine with the last money I had, worrying how I would pay my rent.

What was amazing was that I never enjoyed any bag as much as I enjoyed the process of bringing that bag to life! Designing the cut, buying suitable leather, the materials – OH! I’d found my passion!

I don’t want to bore you with all the details – the point is I quit my job and all I do now is sew bags. I have an amazing on-line team that takes care of everything regarding marketing (thank you guys!) and the bags are all sold out as soon as we put them on the market.

For more information, media or products requests, please email info@makoshabags.com